Our solutions add social value. Whether that’s increasing the supply of low-cost accommodation or bringing charities into a neighbourhood, our work has a positive impact on the local community.

Buildings that are occupied instead of left vacant, provide benefits to the community. Our live-in guardians are a community in their own right.

Many of our live-in guardians are relocated by us to other properties when our clients’ require vacant possession. Some of our guardians have been with us for as long as 7 years and have built bonds with other people in the guardian community that transcend the protection of the properties they live within.

Our live-in guardians are a community in their own right

Our charity partner, Proposition Studios, is a public focused charity. Proposition runs a continuous program of events which are free for the local community to attend. From writing workshops, dance and fitness workshops, public lectures, gallery exhibitions and immersive exhibitions, the properties which Proposition occupies become hubs of activity for the local community.

Oaksure was founded to create social value from vacant property.

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