Security Officers

Security Officers

Properties which are uninhabitable require a specific security solution. Uninhabitable properties are still vulnerable to occupation by travellers, fly tipping and metal theft. An on-site human guarding presence is the most effective solution to protect uninhabitable buildings. A mobile response unit or CCTV can only attend after the damage is done, and therefore do not provide effective protection.

An on-site Security Officer presence is the most effective solution to protect uninhabitable buildings

There can be hazardous elements at a site, such as with construction sites undergoing decontamination, or in the case of severely dilapidated buildings elements that might cause injury to a trespasser. If a member of the public were to trespass on a site and injure themselves due to parts of the site which were unsafe the landlord can be liable to pay damages. Security Officers can provide a 24hr presence with half hourly patrols to protect a hazardous site from these risks.

Heavy machinery and tools are left on-site at many construction sites. If these sites are left unattended after-hours, then the machinery and tools are at risk. Containers can be broken into or construction worker’s keys stolen and tools can be taken. Security Officers provide the presence that can prevent any attempted theft of tools and act as a deterrent to anyone considering theft of machinery and tools.

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