CCTV Towers: Advanced Surveillance Solutions

Oaksure’s premier CCTV Towers offers robust, uninterrupted surveillance—operating without the need for mains power. Engineered for adaptability, our Towers provide a potent standalone solution for 24/7/365 visual security, necessitating minimal maintenance and offering seamless setup.

Our high-performing CCTV Towers act as vigilant eyes across various locations—construction sites, car parks, vacant lands, and more. These units not only help in combating theft and vandalism, deterring unwelcome intruders, and preventing unlawful or antisocial activities, but they also provide extensive coverage for larger areas. Operate your business with peace of mind, knowing that our CCTV Towers are actively protecting your assets without the requirement for mains power.

We offer flexible solar CCTV tower hire options to a broad range of businesses in the public and private sectors. The versatility and cost-effectiveness of our Towers position them as an invaluable security solution.

CCTV Towers

Key Features of Our CCTV Towers

Oaksure’s CCTV Towers, the outcome of persistent innovation, can operate independently using solar and battery power or mains power. They utilise the mobile network for communication, eliminating the need for a hard-wired connection. This versatility ensures seamless coverage for sites of all sizes in any location.

Our towers connect to several remote sensors to identify activity across expansive sites. Any activation of these sensors prompts the tower’s mast-mounted camera to pan, rotate, zoom, focus and record the event in high-quality, real-time footage.

Equipped with night vision illumination and infrared capabilities, our Towers ensure the capture of crucial footage round the clock. The powerful deterrent is amplified by the potential to sound an audible siren to thwart live criminal incursions.

To ensure rapid response to any activations, our CCTV Towers are monitored 24/7/365 by our NSI Gold Cat I accredited Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) staffed by professionally trained operatives.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Self-sustaining: Our CCTV towers operate on solar power and high-capacity batteries, reducing maintenance requirements. They use mobile networks for communication and monitoring, bypassing the need for mains power or a fixed internet connection.
  • Night Vision Capability (Option): Equipped with night illumination and infrared vision, our towers offer a visual deterrent and capture footage around the clock.
  • Weather Resilient: Designed to endure external exposure and harsh weather conditions, our CCTV Towers are fully weatherproof.
  • Low Maintenance: Once installed, our CCTV Towers function independently for extended periods with minimal maintenance.
  • Fast Setup: Our rapid deployment CCTV Towers can be installed within 20 minutes and fully operational within a few hours.
  • Optional Extras: We offer additional features such as air quality monitoring, PPE detection, stopped vehicle detection, and ANPR.

Where Our CCTV Towers Excel

Oaksure’s CCTV Towers are suitable for a wide range of situations, locations and events requiring high visibility deterrence and 24/7 remote CCTV monitoring, including:

  • Vacant properties
  • Large open spaces
  • Open car parks
  • Construction sites
  • Sports grounds
  • Agricultural locations
  • Outdoor events
  • Music festivals
  • Storage yards
  • Housing developments
  • Warehousing
  • Utility sites
  • Public access facilities
CCTV Tower Night Vision

To illustrate the effectiveness of our CCTV Towers, consider the case of a property owner in Oxfordshire. After falling victim to copper theft from his vacant office block, the owner had an Oaksure solar-powered CCTV Tower installed on their premises to catch the offenders in the act. With the aid of infrared lighting and low-light camera capabilities, the thieves were detected at night when they returned, and authorities were automatically alerted. The perpetrators were swiftly apprehended and detained by security.

Please note,

If your business uses CCTV, you must register your details with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and pay a data protection fee, unless you are exempt.

Check if you need to pay the data protection fee.

At Oaksure, we can guide you though this process. Send us a message on the contact form below.