Understanding The Process For Landlords

Understanding The Process For Landlords

We handle the entire process on behalf of our clients. From organising the property for the maximum savings through to obtaining any rebate due on our client’s behalf, we are there managing the process all the way.

We handle the entire process on behalf of our clients

After supplying all the necessary documentation at the beginning of contract, our clients can leave the whole process to us. We provide regular updates as we progress through the stages toward reduced rates liability and obtain confirmation of a change in rates payable at the end of the process.

The process includes:

  • Organising the property for maximum reduction in rates
  • Recruiting charities or live-in guardians to take occupation
  • Writing an application to the VOA or Local Authority
  • Taking the case through the CCA process when required
  • Collecting all documents requested by the regulator
  • Attending inspections by the regulator
  • Liaising with the regulator post inspection
  • Obtaining confirmation of change in rates payable
  • Recovering any rebate due on behalf of the landlord
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