Oaksure Property Services, IWFM Impact Award Finalists


The IWFM Impact Awards is the workplace and facilities management industry’s most prestigious award and event, acknowledging and honouring the best practice and innovation in the industry. The awards showcase different aspects of the industry, from sustainability and social value to best industry newcomer. The awards are judged by leading industry professionals with years of experience. Entries come from a cross-section of organisations – regardless of size, type and sector – from across the world. This means that being a finalist, or a winner, is a true achievement and testament to the great work carried out by the individual, team, project, collaboration or organisation.

We are so pleased to say that Oaksure Property Services was nominated as finalists for the Social Value award for our use of vacant property. We specialise in minimising the costs and mitigating the risks of unoccupied premises by providing security services, temporary live-in guardians and affordable space to artists and charities. 

Oaksure helped found Proposition Studios, an arts and ecology charity to support emerging artists, disproportionally from minority ethnic and working-class backgrounds. Access to space and facilities is often too cost prohibitive.  Proposition Studios can provide low-cost studios space, workshops, galleries, immersive exhibitions, and public lectures with all funds generated going to supporting emerging artists and increasing biodiverse farming. 

Working with landlords who have unoccupied premises, we provide and manage spaces that create a community environment allowing artists and charitable social organisations a platform to grow and flourish.  

Another example of Oaksure’s charitable occupation endeavours for which we were selected as finalists is the placement and going relationship with Sussex-based charity AudioActive. AudioActive is a charitable music organisation that Oaksure placed in one of its client’s commercial office buildings. They work with young people and use music as a tool for social change, education, and personal development including free to join workshops for the under 25s. AudioActive provide access to state-of-the-art resources, high profile opportunities and professionals at the top of their game so that young people can really show what they are capable of when given the right support. 

Since our nomination as finalists at the IWFM Impact Awards, we have continued to engage with charities who have similar social objects of further driving social development whilst allowing the pre-existing initiatives in some local communities to flourish.

Through increasing temporary charitable occupation and preventing property from diminishing in condition and value, we can reduce this impact on local communities. This will create community hubs helping to develop people’s skills to further enrich their lives which in turn increases economic and employment opportunities.  

While we did not win the Social Value Award (and a big congratulations to the Jointforces programme by ISS Facility Services UK for winning!), it was an honour for the team to come together to submit the award and attend the beautiful ceremony at the Grosvenor House Hotel. With delicious food, hosting by renowned comedian Mark Watson, excellent live music and the opportunity to get together with our industry peers, the IWFM Impact Awards ceremony will be a night to remember for the Oaksure team and our guests.

Are you a charity that needs additional space? Get in touch with us here.