Why you should become a Property Guardian with Oaksure Property Services


There are plenty of benefits of becoming a live-in guardian. For most people, the financial aspect is the most important one; however, there are a lot more than that!

Oaksure’s objective is to work with landlords to prevent buildings from being empty and unused, encouraging owners to provide much-needed space to promote social and environmental value. The range of our properties, from schools, care homes, libraries, pubs and office buildings are mostly located in London, but we also have properties in other cities and towns like Brighton or Derbyshire. Our live-in guardians create social value by creating a community in an area that would otherwise have a vacant property.

Our live-in guardian solution provides professionals, key workers, budding entrepreneurs, freelance designers, aspiring artists and musicians with affordable accommodation in cities where they live and work. So, let’s have a closer look at why becoming a property guardian could be a great solution for you.

Living in a great location is one of the strongest advantages of being a live-in guardian. Many of our properties are in desirable, upmarket locations which otherwise might be inaccessible for most people. Thanks to that, our guardians have the opportunity to live closer to a city centre or other amazing areas for much less money.

We also offer a variety of attractive properties with large communal spaces, which allows our guardians to use them in an artistic way and profit from the space.

Another great thing about sharing living spaces is creating a friendly and supportive community within and outside the property. For most of us, that becomes a crucial aspect when choosing a place to live – especially now, when most of our lives are happening at home. Our guardians are responsible, open-minded people who want to create a home and build a friendly atmosphere whilst living with other individuals, supporting and learning from each other.

Last but not least, one of the main benefits of being a property guardian is the financial aspect. With the fees starting from £300 PCM, you can save money for your goals – some of our guardians have travel dreams, are saving for a mortgage, growing a career or investing in their life in any creative way they wish! We offer flexibility, with 28 days’ notice on either side and a fair, rolling contract as opposed to a typical 6–12 month tenancy agreement. We are also doing our best to relocate our guardians to another property if needed.

See some of the reviews from our Guardians:

‘Have been a guardian with this company on and off for the last 5 years, always experienced high levels of professionalism and accommodation!’

‘I have been with Oaksure for nearly 10 years as a live-in guardian. I have stayed in their buildings and with the company this long as they are great. They have a team of dedicated staff who get to know guardians and have our best interests in mind. They have enabled me to live in and around London, living in unique buildings and locations which has been great.’

‘I’ve been with Oaksure for 6 years across 2 buildings and have always found them to be a genuine and straightforward company & bunch people who are also very helpful in relocating existing guardians if the building you’re in is closing. Treat the buildings as you would your own and you can rent some pretty cool, unusual spaces at reasonable prices which is helping me save up for a mortgage!’

At Oaksure, we are professional, like-minded people dedicated to supporting and helping people around us. By choosing guardianship, you can benefit in many ways – try and find out what you can get from it!

Are you interested in becoming a live-in property guardian? Please get in touch: guardians@oaksureproperty.com